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Doctor Who bedroom - Doctor Who themed bedroom ideas - decorating Doctor Who theme - Doctor Who decor - Doctor Who Bedding - dr who bedroom ideas - Dr Who Tardis

Maries Manor Kids Theme Bedroom decorating ideas
As you travel through time

 mix a little

outer space

sprinkled with a little

celestial fantasy

into the

Doctor Who themed bedroom

and transport yourself into another world

The Doctor is a Time Lord that uses his Tardis to travel into different times. The Doctor can live forever because he gets reincarnated into a different body instead of dying. The Doctor uses his time travelling skills to fight off evil and protect his friends. This time-bending hit series is loved by many!

Turn your bedroom door or bedroom wall into the Tardis door- the easy way!

Can't paint - Can't draw - no problem ...... lifesize standups work well on their own or attached to the wall - for an instant wall mural. 

Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor lifesize standup

This life-size cardboard standup of a Weeping Angel from Dr. Who stands at a size of 70" x 44".

The Weeping Angels are creatures from the popular British BBC television show, Doctor Who. They feed on time energy by locking their victims back in time.

They look like normal statues when you are watching, but when you're not looking they move very quickly and can attack you.

This standup is a great addition to your Doctor Who collection, but make sure you don't blink.

The thrill and excitement in the television show Doctor Who wouldn't be the same without the evil robot, Cyberman.

This cardboard cutout would be perfect for a party, Doctor Who marathon, or just for a cool collection.

Any Whovian will love this standup!

This 3D cardboard cutout of the Tardis from Doctor who stands at 55" square x 180" tall.

This is a unique 3D cardboard standup of the Tardis from the popular British science fiction BBC television program, Doctor Who.

The Tardis looks like a blue phone booth, but is in fact a a time travelling device that the Doctor, a Time Lord, uses to travel in time.

Doctor Who is a very popular and important television show in Britain and also in the United States.

This cutout of the Tardis is no ordinary cutout because it is three-dimensional. If you want someting unique and different, then this cardbout standup is the perfect fit for you!

How to Set Up Your Standup: 1. Unfold standup and easel. Lay standup face down on a clean, flat surface. 2. Fold easel up along the long vertical crease that runs the length of the standup. 3. Lift upper and lower tab to lock easel in place. 4. Attach upper tab to top of easel.

Dr Who Tardis wall decals                                   galaxy wall murals at murals your way

Fall asleep in another dimension with our collection of Doctor Who cushions. This 20" velveteen TARDIS shaped cushion is embroidered and features a lantern that lights up and makes sound when the keyhole is pressed.

Slumber through time and space

Transport yourself to a world of sleep while rocking some appreciation for the cult phenomenom,
Dr Who with this awesome duvet cover set! This duvet cover/pillow case set is an exact replica of the Tardis ... just what the Dr ordered, a real must have for Dr Who fans!

Another fun decorating option - bring a little British - London chic to the
 Doctor Who themed room

Doctor Who Wallpaper Mural - The Enemies

search around ebay

  • One alarm clock all Whovians should own!
  • Projects the time and the Doctor Who logo onto your ceiling.
  • The light flashes and it makes TARDIS sounds!
Wake up, Whovian! Here's your Whovian alarm clock! This amazing Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock for fans of the hit BBC show Doctor Who projects the time and the Doctor Who logo onto your ceiling via a projector hole situated on the back. When the alarm goes off, the light flashes and it makes TARDIS sounds! This is one awesome alarm clock that all Whovians should own!

  • TARDIS tent! Oh my!
  • Pretend to be the Doctor and experience the magic of the TARDIS!
  • Amazing expandable tent from Doctor Who stands over 5-feet tall.
  • It's a dream come true for collectors of Doctor Who.
  • What a fantastic addition to a kid's bedroom!
Watch out! The Doctor Who Expandable TARDIS Tent from Underground Toys has landed! This amazing expanding tent is the ultimate gift for Whovians that can't wait to get their hands on everything from the popular BBC science-fiction TV show. Step inside and experience the magic of the TARDIS. Open up the TARDIS Tent and it expands to display a fantastic print of the intricate internal heart of the Doctor's time machine. It's a dream come true for collectors of Doctor Who paraphernalia and a fantastic addition to a kid's bedroom! The approximate dimensions of the TARDIS when closed are 61-inches tall x 35-inches wide x 35 inches-inches long

With embroidered details, these K9 units feature a collar and a blank felt tag. Although the ears have something in them that makes them stand up, they're not quite poseable, but we suggest you make the noise and turn them while you pretend. That's what we did. Plus, with a no-slip bottom, these K9 units will keep you on your toes.

  • This TARDIS will keep your food cold or hot
  • Extra large capacity holds up to 18 cans of soda
  • Perfect for tailgating through time and space
Let's face it, the Doctor doesn't really keep a consistent schedule. As a result, he has to grab his meals when and where he can. Because of this, the Doctor likes to keep a constant supply of snacks and leftovers on the TARDIS at all times. And because he doesn't always know how long his adventures will take, he wants the biggest portable TARDIS fridge he can find. And now you can have one, too. This is the Large TARDIS Fridge!

Cuddle an adorable alien!

Features Adipose sound effects
A great collectors item for Doctor Who fans!

Doctor Who Dalek Talking Plush Color: Red

Exterminate! This talking red Dalek needs to be hugged! Showcasing the very best from the Doctor Who rogues' gallery. 

It doesn't want your destruction... just your admiration! The Daleks have been hated and feared throughout time and space, so maybe it's time someone gave them a hug. 

After all, it just might be worth it to get one on your side!

Doctor Who K-9  Talking Plush

  • Makes sounds from the hit series when squeezed
  • Ideal for any devoted Whovian
Travel through time and space with Doctor Who and The Doctor's faithful companion!

This robotic canine is now available in huggable plush form! Phrases may include but are not limited to: 'Affirmative.' 'Affirmative master' 'Maximum defense mode!


Doctor Who: Who-ology - Covers the entire series from 1963 to 2012.  Companions, the Doctor's incarnations, places he's been, plot points, enemy 101, also the Tardis breakdown. If you are a Whovian for life or a Whovian who wants to know more ......

Doctor Who: The Vault: Treasures from the First 50 Years -
The full and official story of Doctor Who, from the show's first pre-production memos in 1963 to behind-the-scenes material from the latest season, including interviews with key cast and crew members as well as scores of prop photos, design sketches, and other collectible memorabilia. The Vault is a collector's dream - the ultimate celebration of all that is Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: Character Encyclopedia -
A cult favorite around the world, Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction television show of all time. Perfect for fans of the popular BBC show, the Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia has been created in full collaboration with the producers of Doctor Who, and shares detailed profiles of all eleven incarnations of the Doctor, as well as in-depth looks at his many companions, enemies, and adventures through the years.
#1 Best Seller in TV References

Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary -
Now updated with all the latest information on all your Doctor Who favorites! The book goes beyond the story lines to examine the characters, aliens, weapons and curiosities that are all in a day's work for the Doctor. Entries are illustrated with annotated photography and specially commissioned cross-section artworks.

too cute a dress not to include ....

Doctor Who Her Universe Blue Dalek Dress

Dress with an allover blue Dalek design. Wear it to a costume party, or as a daily sign of your love for all things Doctor Who.

How do we let the Doctor know we're ready to be his next companion? We're drinking out of our TARDIS mug, brewing tea in our TARDIS teapot, wearing our TARDIS t-shirt and TARDIS hat, and wrapped up in the TARDIS Throw. Surely the Doctor will notice that we are the most dedicated Whovians ever and come pick us up for some wild adventures, right? Right?

Dr Who pillows

Doctor Who TARDIS Throw Blanket

Space Rising wall mural at magic murals

Add a little extra Sci-Fi to the Doctor Who themed bedrooms

Don't let the airlock hit you on the way out

When we were teens, our doors featured awesome posters plastered with signs that read things like, "Keep Out." "No, seriously. I mean it." "This means you, twerp." What we could have had instead was a door that looks like it came straight out of an FPS. Maybe that would have intimidated our intruders. Or, more likely, just sucked them in that much faster.

Also, any of these would make the guest bathroom that much more awesome. We're just sayin'....

Choose from
Airlock - Airlock "5", interesting hand holds and release mechanisms scattered across, with assorted warning stickers, including two which remind you to "Check Suit Seals"
Armory - More weapons than anybody should need, with keypad access
Laboratory - A big Do Not Enter sign up top, stencil reads "U.S. Government Biological Testing Facility Genetic Engineering and Advanced Weapons Testing Authorized Entry Top Secret Clearance Only", keypad entry, with assorted caution and hazard sticker

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Create a fun entrance

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord, a time-travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor who explores the universe in a sentient time machine called the TARDIS that flies through time and space, whose exterior appears as a blue police box from 1963 London, when the series first aired. Along with a succession of companions, he faces a variety of foes while working to save civilizations, help people, and right wrongs.


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polka dot bedroom decorating ideas - polka dot wall decals - polka dot bedroom theme - bedroom circles - polka dots decor - polka dot wall murals

Seeing SPOTS and DOTS and DOTS and SPOTS

Glam up the bedroom walls with super fun polka dots in fabulous color combinations and in different dotty sizes.

You can arrange your polka dots in a neat pattern or just sprinkle them across the wall.

But, you don't just have to stop with the spotty walls ...

...  bring in extra pops of big dot fun and decorate the bedroom furniture, windows and mirrors.

Perfect for a girly style, teen room, boys room, and great fun for toddler and baby bedrooms.

 Get creative with your polka dots - spots - and circles

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For a Room with an Attitude!!

Set the tone for hip fashion and unconventional design in your little girl's bedroom with this fun and bright  Funky Children's Collection.

This collection is painted in the most wild colors with the most funky designs, with a bit of stripes here, a bit of polka dots there and some zebra streaks thrown in.

How unique!  

A Bed with  Attitude!!
Set the tone for hip fashion and unconventional design in your little girl's room with this bright and fun Funky Headboard.

This headboard is made of solid wood and is painted in the most wild colors with the most funky designs. With a bit of stripes here, a bit of polka dots there and some zebra streaks thrown in, this headboard with its offbeat tone will quickly become your daughter's favorite!

Funky Children's Collection available at:  ABaby

Jellybean Rug

Although you don't win a prize for guessing how many dots are in our Jellybean Rug (it's somewhere between 20 and 20,002), you do get a colorful, hand-tufted rug that's great for a playroom or kid's room.

  8 x 10' Grey Candy Dot Rug at The Land of Nod

Fun Polka Dot stencil pattern for easy wall decor.
Great stenciled as an allover pattern or just one focal wall.

mix colorful stripes and dots 

Wrinkle Resistant Polka Dot Sheet Sets at overstock bedding

Add a pop of color to your bedroom with the polka dot sheet set available in eight colors.

Spots and Dots Floor Shade at The Land of Nod

After debating whether to use spots or dots for this lamp shade, we decided to use both. Now we can't even tell them apart.

Cotton floor shade is available in two color schemes and is compatible with all our floor bases.

  • Printed floor shade
  • Choose from two color schemes: Pink and White or White and Black
  • Reverse pattern on inside of shade creates illuminated dot effect

Luxuriously soft Sherpa Lined Polka Dot Throw Blanket is great for a little added warmth for any season.

Snuggle up on the couch with one of these elegant polka dot designed throw blankets and add a touch of color and style

Ella Polka Dot 600 Thread Count 3-piece Duvet Cover Set at bedding overstock

Bring lively two-tone colors to your bedroom with these whimsical polka dot duvet cover sets.

WallPops - polka dot wall decals

Gone Dotty Brown-Pink Pack

Looking to mix and match dots, animal prints and floral motifs?  Gone Dotty will transform any room or wall into a work of art!

Gone Dotty Purple-Pink

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seaside cottage decorating ideas - coastal living living room ideas - beach cottage coastal living style decorating ideas - beach house decor - seashell decor

Perfect decorating theme for the lover of the sea - mix it up with touches of beachy, nautical, tropical and under the sea themed decor.

Bring a touch of the seashore into your home and design your sunny style beach house in soft pastels or vivid hues, depending on your personal style.  

Decorate your seaside cottage with an array of ocean treasures - mosaic trinkets, stunning sea shells, starfish - and weathered and worn, white-washed furnishings that look as though they had been bleached in the summer sun over the years. Sit back, relax and feel the mist of the ocean spray and the gentle touch of the cool sea breeze......

The shells look like they're floating in the ocean

Set of 3 Glass Bottles with Sealife Stoppers. Blue bottles with clear glass stoppers. One each: Starfish, Seahorse and Shell.

Summer Sea Coastal Arrangement

The Sea Glass Coastal wreath is designed with a beautiful blue, white and green glass that the waves have softened by tumbling in the surf, the added natural seashells, sea oats and beach grass and jute netting.

Beachfront Homes

Capture that idyllic ocean side feeling with a beautiful, comfortable beach side house. The infinite possibilities for creating this dream retreat range from a traditional design with a nice front porch and wicker furniture to a striking modern style with sharp angles and spare furnishings. Install an outdoor shower for rinsing off sand, drape sheer fabric around the bed to form an airy canopy, and more. Pictures of sunny skies and silky sands will practically have you smelling the salt air. 

 Coastal Living Resort Windward Dune Coffee Table

Waves crashing on the shore may not break with such regularity, but there is no mistaking that they are the inspiration for the scrolling X-shaped metal legs of the Windward Dune Coffee Table. Add to that the wooden top and lower shelf in a weathered pier finish and you may start imagining you can smell the salt in the air simply by being near this table. 

Relaxing coastal seaside living

This candle holder set is simple yet sophisticated, with glass hurricane candle holders of three different heights, to complete the look for your home.

This handcrafted white-on-white natural seashell mirror is perfect for beach or ocean decor. Add light and texture to your space. Ideal for use as the basis of your new room design.

A great practical piece with the whimsy of natural shells. The size and intricate shells and design used in this chest make it a signature piece for a special room. The fascination of each individual shell is multiplied over and over to form an ethereal piece that seems to belong in a glamorous fantasy world.

Cottages on the Coast: Fair Harbors and Secret Shores

With her successful books Cottages by the Sea and Coastal Retreats, Linda Leigh Paul has beautifully captured the dream home in an ideal setting. Now she broadens her scope by visiting the most picturesque and private seaside cottages on all three coasts of the United States, from the cliffs of Big Sur to the dunes of Nantucket to Florida's sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. The most charming cottages in the country are here, including a 1924 stone cottage in Carmel, a weathered clapboard cottage on the Isle of Hope, Georgia, and Tennessee Williams's Key West cottage.

Seaside cottages are intrepid structures. They hold onto the earth as a brace against heavy seas, furious flood tides, and stormforce winds. The names themselves conjure departures and returns, danger and escape: Destruction Island, Peril Strait, and Wrath Cape describe one arc of shoreline. Another coastline offers Fair Harbor, Port Protection, and Safety Harbor. Still another speaks of lost encounters: Dogs Keys Pass, Tortugas Harbor, and Alligator Reef. But the interiors of these cottages evoke only warmth and beauty, providing comfort for those eternally drawn to the sea. Many display artifacts of life on the water: nautical objects and treasures found on the beach, as well as journals, letters, postcards, and books that reflect the long, rich history of seaside living.

Handcrafted using Mollusca shells, this 18-inch by 24-inch mirror will make a statement on any tabletop or wall. The shells' mosaic like placement is just one of the intricacies highlighting the handiwork involved in the making of this mirror. Add drama and individuality to your home.

Coastal Style: Home Decorating Ideas Inspired by Seaside Living

Seaside living is the theme of this inspirational interiors book that is bursting with new decorating ideas. Covering homes from as far apart as the Bahamas and Denmark, the book begins by looking at The Elements that go to make up the whole, including color and texture, materials, furniture, fabrics, accessories and display. The second part of the book, The Spaces, takes a tour through the home room by room, from Living Spaces and Cooking and Eating Spaces to Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Outdoor Spaces, capturing the distinctive interior style that has evolved from living beside the sea.

An unprecedented tour of breathtaking beach community and waterfront properties in idyllic settings such as Southern California, Florida, the Hamptons, and Puerto Vallarta is showcased in this alluring volume. The select houses—ranging from casual weekend retreats and charming cottages to luxurious family compounds—are the personal homes of decorators and tastemakers such as Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan, Juan Montoya, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, Matthew Rolston, Linda Garland, and Michael Bruno. Freed from the frenetic pace of daily life, a beach house is a place to express your playful, adventurous side: white floorboards replace thick carpets, rooms are accented with jaunty nautical touches, and the palette ranges from pastel tones to shots of vivid color.

Innovative ideas for indoor-outdoor living are richly represented, from garden and swimming pool areas to sunny patios. Since outdoor entertaining is a hallmark, a range of stylish decorating and design possibilities is included. This beautifully photographed and inspirational book encourages one to explore the design opportunities available at the beach with flair.


Mary Emmerling's Beach Cottages: At Home by the Sea

Much of the beach house’s allure is in its reflection of a simpler way of life, a pared-down existence where the breeze is the housekeeper, the furnishings don’t mind a damp swimsuit, and the most precious treasures are seashells and memories. In Mary Emmerling’s Beach Cottages, Mary invites us into seventeen coastal retreats that capture that spirit, and introduces us to the people who take joy from them.

Join Mary on a warm, intimate tour of unique seaside escapes, including:

•A pint-sized artist’s studio in Key West
•A dramatic black-and-white retreat in Newport Beach, California
•A shell-lined jewel box in Laguna Beach, California
•A nautically inspired Cape Cod getaway
•A haven in Galveston, Texas, with sea-grass rugs and matchstick blinds
•The homes of designers such as Barclay Butera and Rachel Ashwell
•Mary’s own charming cottage, complete with beach balls, sailfish, and beaded curtains

With gorgeously photographed profiles of easy-going seaside homes and innovative design solutions for everyday living, Mary Emmerling’s Beach Cottages is both beautiful and inspirational. Like a beloved seaside haven, this is a book to return to again and again.

Coastal Living Beach House Style: Designing Spaces That Bring the Beach to You

This treasure trove of decorating inspiration showcases coastal homes from the shores of New England down to Key West and the Caribbean.

It explores the unique design of seaside homes along the rugged coastline of the Pacific Northwest down to the sunny beaches of Southern California, letting readers experience how the architectural vernacular of a region influences the design of its homes.

Step inside these homes to see how the coastal way of life dictates the decor-from thoughtfully designed porches that are an extension of the home, punches of citrus green and sea glass blue in a whimsical room for children, to kitchens and living rooms that are casual gathering places in the truest sense. Get ideas for infusing your own home with a similar laid-back sense of style. See how simple updates like the choice of paint color or lighting can truly make a room, and gather ideas for your own redo with our inspiring makeovers.

Shore Living

Shore Living embraces soft fabrics in bold patterns and reflects the relaxed attitude that emanates from a home near the water. Be it the lake house or the beach house, these home furnishing are the backdrop to creating memories of sunny summer days and fun-filled winter evenings around the fire.

Antique whites and soft blues create a warm coastal living room picture.

Light beige woods, antique white paint, and soft shades of aqua and blue work together to create a harmonious coastal living room picture. Texture also plays an important role in creating a cohesive coastal look - the woven rattan baskets and coarse sisal jute area rug give the space a beachy, natural feel.

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