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When space is limited, clever storage ideas are needed. And, when children have to share the same room, creative decorating ideas are needed. And maybe a security guard or two.

Here are a few pictures to help with the creative decorating side.

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Shared Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating ideas for BOYS and GIRLS sharing their space here

Decorating with Color Schemes here

Decorating with Color Schemes here

Bunk beds free up a lot of floor space

Bedroom ideas for GIRLS sharing their space here

Update your child's bedroom or playroom with this fashionable, garden-inspired Garden Party Bed In A Bag Bedding Set. The reversible comforter allows you to change the look of the room every time you make the bed. The warm bed set comforter features a colorful, purple floral design and reverses to an inviting blue floral print. Your kids will love reclining across this Garden Party Bedding Set while sleeping, reading or lounging around after school. 

mix and match your color scheme

Decorate the shared bedrooms in your child's favorite colors 

Are you looking for ways to give a WOW factor to your kid's room? Then we are pleased to introduce this great quality and fabulous product to you.This can be used as a way of brightening up the appearance of your kid's room and this will certainly add a spark, a touch of style and fun.

SMILE Reversible Comforter Sets

fun camping outdoors theme

Bedroom Decorating ideas for BOYS sharing here

treehouse loft bed

Lots of theme bedroom decorating ideas here

shared bedrooms ideas - decorating shared bedrooms

Kenwood Twin Panel Customizable Bedroom Set

This unique system provides a strong connection between the rails and the headboard and footboard without exposing unsightly bolt heads

L Shaped Bed in Chocolate

children's bed children's bed custom L -type

DIY Twin Corner Beds With Storage - click here

teens style decorating shared spaces-bedroom ideas-shared bedrooms

shared bedroom ideas

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mickey minnie theme bedrooms-mickey minnie theme bedrooms

Fun way to decorate a shared bedroom for a boy and girl

shared bedrooms-girls theme rooms shared

garden theme bedrooms-shared bedrooms for girls garden theme

shared bedrooms ideas - decorating shared bedrooms - siblings sharing bedroom

Looking for a great way to divide a room, create privacy, 
or hide storage space?

Fun designs and colors that can transform any play-room, kids' room, and/or a nursery!

Room dividers - shared bedroom spaces - curtains

Hanging Room Divider Kit

DIVIDE and CONQUER small or large spaces
Shared Bedrooms, Studios, Dorms, Workspace, Basements, Closets, Storage

Hanging Screen Partition Room dividers - shared bedroom spaces - curtains

Beaded fringe curtains are perfect for a little window privacy and as a room divider

Beaded Door String Curtain Fringe

String Curtain Fringe Room Dividers

Decorative Door String Curtain Beads Wall Panel Fringe Window Room Divider

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  1. Hello, I am interested in turning my bedroom into one of the set ups that you recommended, and I was wondering if you could give me more details about how to do it. I really liked the green/pink sided room with adjoining bunk beds connected by the ladder. Any details that you could give me would be great. Thank you so much!