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Once Upon A Time ..... in a kingdom far far away ..........

Step into a world of fantasy, into the enchanting land of flying horses and Unicorns

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Unicorn Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Unicorn decor 

Unicorns are as majestic and beautiful as the stars that speckle the heavens above. 

Unicorn wallpaper murals at magic murals

unicorn bedroom wallpaper murals princess beds unicorn theme bedrooms

The gauzy, dreamy, sweetly ruffled bed tent, softly lit by a beaded chandelier, is just such a magical place. Set it up on a twin bed (the "floor" slips under the mattress) to create a fairy wonderland in your own home

Life-Like Handcrafted Extra Soft Plush Pegasus Ride-On

We found this unicorn in a nearby forest looking for a child to befriend.

unicorn plush toys

giant - life size unicorns - variety

Unicorn Table Lamp at target

Unicorn Table Lamp

Unicorn Table Lamp brings whimsy and delight to your child's room or play space. Made of ceramic with a glossy finish, its base takes the shape of a unicorn head and comes with a tapered drum lamp shade. This playful unicorn lamp works well on a nightstand, desk or dresser.

Unicorn wallpaper murals at magic murals

unicorn wall murals princess pink lace bedding girls

Royal Princess Pink  Lace  Bedding - Duvet Cover

Fairy Unicorn Throw Blanket

 Fairy Unicorn Throw Blanket - Standard Multi-color

Unicorn wall murals available at murals your way

 Unique Animal Wall Sculpture - Chic & Trendy

Looking for the finishing touch to your little girl's unicorn themed bedroom?
She will love this pink unicorn head wall mount.
Hand painted in light pink and finished off with a silver glitter unicorn horn.

unicorn decor-Pink Unicorn Wall Mount - Faux Unicorn Decor

Unicorn Heads - Unicorn Wall Mount Art - Unicorn Sculptures


So your friends don't believe that you saw a unicorn last year?

You want to prove to them that you're not lying but you also want to be kind to all animals!

So fool them with our Merlin the Cardboard Unicorn Head! Mount your trophy on your wall and see the disbelief on every one of their faces!

Our magical puzzle bust is laser-cut for precision fit and easy assembly using slotted construction.

It looks great in its white color or can be decorated with paint, glitter, ornaments or other craft materials to celebrate the unicorn. Each bust is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product. The raw cardboard is made locally, further reducing the impact on the planet. All of the animal figures are designed and manufactured in the United States, free from unsafe foreign toxins and waste products. Designed and manufactured by Cardboard Safari. Measures 14 inches tall x 9.5 inches deep x 5 inches wide assembled.

  Legend tells us that the noble unicorn embodies the eternal light of the moon and the stars, and its pure, shimmering white coat reflects the heaven's infinite starlight.

Rainbow Comforter Set
Unicorn Reversible Bedding, Beautiful Allover Flowers and Floral Pattern, Vibrant Rainbows with Clouds

Rainbow Comforter Set Twin, Unicorn Reversible Bedding, Beautiful Allover Flowers and Floral Pattern, Vibrant Rainbows with Clouds, Pink Orange Yellow Blue Aqua Green

Beloved for its wondrous beauty, the fabled unicorn is also legendary for its healing powers. 

UNICORN Duvet & Pillow Protector Covers Set

UNICORN Duvet & Pillow Protector Covers Set

White Unicorn 2 Pillow Case - Standard White

White Unicorn 2 Pillow Case - Standard White

Magical White Unicorn Fantasy On Pink Bridge Microfiber Throw Pillow Cushion Cover 16" Square

Magical White Unicorn Fantasy On Pink Bridge Microfiber Throw Pillow Cushion Cover 16" Square

unicorn duvets at cafepress bedding

unicorn bedding unicorn duvet unicorn bedding

Unicorn Wall Decor by Birch Lane Kids

Add a pop of playful appeal to the playroom or den with this whimsical unicorn decor, perfect accenting framed prints or holding shimmering necklaces.

Blue Unicorn Queen Size 4pc Bedding

Blue Unicorn Queen Size Bedding

Unicorn wall mural decals - variety of unicorns - variety of unicorn wall mural decal sizes

Unicorn On Bridge Pink Background Microfiber Throw Décor Pillow Cushion

Unicorn On Bridge Pink Background Microfiber Throw Décor Pillow Cushion

Pegasus - Peel and Stick Wall Decal

Pegasus flying unicorn Pillow Cover

unicorn Pillow Cover

Travel through the world of make-believe and
Add a little fantasy fun and stardust magic to your room.

unicorn duvets at cafepress bedding

unicorn bedding unicorn duvet unicorn bedding

Unicorn Garden 3D Window View Decal WALL STICKER Home Decor Art Mural Fantasy

Bring in the forest fairies, a colorful rainbow, butterflies and a fairy princess and her castle. Every princess needs the perfect pet, and what could be more perfect than the enchanting unicorn in the magical forest.

Unicorn Accent Table

Pink Unicorns - white Unicorns - purple Unicorns - cartoon unicorns - realistic unicorns -

Get creative with the unicorn wall decal sizes, and create a happy unicorn family

Dream Lites turn a bedroom into a starry night. At the press of the button they project an array of stars onto the ceiling in your choice of three colors, amber, blue or green. Discover the magic that helps any child fall asleep. Powerful LEDs fill the room with a night time glow that act as a soothing relief from fears of the dark. Creates a magical and tranquil environment

When decorating your sofa, bed or chair sometimes all you need to finish the look is a great looking throw pillow. Bring the serene beauty of this noble unicorn to your home or office!

Nebula Galaxy Space Unicorn Cushion Case - Throw Pillow

Under the full moon and the stars in the midnight sky - there is a faerie pool that is filled with pure waters from the magical unicorn waterfall. 

This is where you will find the Unicorn, Sky Faerie Asparas and Unicorn Lunaria, dance in the waters with the most beautiful Asparas Sky Dancer Faerie. 
Sky Faeries Asparas (Sky Dancers), are usually female and live in fig trees. They will bless humans at important stages in their lives, such as birth and weddings. In fact a mid summers wedding would be an ideal place to see an Asparas, especially of those getting married are of pure heart. 
Unicorns and fairies are the playmates of Angels.

Add a touch of medieval mystery to the unicorn theme

In this classic tapestry, the lady is portrayed as holding a mirror, or looking-glass with the reflection of the unicorn, while the lion sits holding a pennant, thus showing sight. Jacquard woven and fully lined with a pocket for hanging and weighted at the bottom to hang flat.

Deluxe Pillows Lion and Unicorn  needlepoint pillow

It’s almost a shame to ever lower the intricate mahogany front panel (which takes over a week to carve), of this mid-19th century antique replica--except that its leather embossed writing desk with pigeonholes and drawers is so useful! Four exterior locking drawers add to the functionality of this heirloom piece carved with stylized unicorns distressed just enough to replicate an antique.

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50s bedroom ideas - 50s theme decor - 1950s retro decorating style - 50s diner - 50s party decorations - 1950 bedding - 50s telephone - retro diner furniture - vintage advertising wall decals - Cadillac Wall Shelf -

visit 50s theme decorating and decor - click here
for a variety of fun fifties theme decorating ideas

You don't have to be born in the 50's to appreciate the retro style

vintage advertising wall decals at Retro Planet

Soda Shop Fluted Look Oval Wall Decal

The timeless look of vintage signs in your home or business is just a peel and a stick away with this Soda Shop Air Conditioned Wall Sticker. Designed to look just like a sign outside an old time establishment, this removable wall decal applies to most walls in moments for fast and easy decor for your kitchen or dining area. A great alternative to hanging signs!

Add a sparkle of 1950s pizzazz to your kitchen or dinette decor

variety of 50s wall murals at Retro And Vintage Murals at murals your way

Create your own old fashioned diner experience with 1950s and 1960s style kitchen diner booth seating. Customize the laminate and colors to your own retro decor. Choose from Classic V-Back, Mod, Chevie, Elite and Serenade Booth & Pedestal Table Sets.


Retro Contrast Soda Cap Bistro Set

A great retro look for your dining room, kitchen, game room, or even diner restaurant. 

Diner Menu Prices Coke Colors Wall Decal

Add a dash of retro decor to any room quickly and easily with our removable wall decals! This removable wall sticker captures the look of an old-time diner menu board in a peel-and-stick decal that won't leave holes in the walls. A fun alternative to signs, this wall graphic is brimming with vintage style and makes a great decorating idea for a retro kitchen or dining room.

1959 Cadillac Car Sofa Retro Couch Seat Settee Free Ship 1959 Red


50s design recalls the wonders of boomerang-shaped coffee tables, the funky curvaceous furniture, the industrial sleekness of cool metals, rock-n-roll and twist and shout, flashy hot rods, pink poodles and soda shop and retro diners.

So get creative, and design your own unique nostalgic look at home, whether it be authentic 50s style or fun and creative 50s style. Just have fun with it.

Nothing says 1950s like records, so dust off those ol 45s and step back in time to the days of rock and roll.

large variety of
Retro Record Clocks

few search terms to try:

Retro  -  Vintage - Nostalgic - Fifties - 50S - 

Hot Rod - Classic Car

When a classic car has seemingly crashed into your wall, the only thing to do is make it a part of your decor! Display your treasured collectibles on this 1959 Cadillac Wall Shelf.

White Porcelain Milk Bottle with Cover

The 1950s was the first great age of the modern kitchen: labor-saving appliances, bright colors and the novelty of fitted units moved the kitchen from dankness into light, where it became the domain of the happy housewife and the heart of the home. Formica - a new space-age material - decorated with fashionable patterns topped sleek cupboards. 

1950s Pink Pay Phone from Crosley

Everything is pretty in pink - including this retro-styled pay phone. Mid 20th century design is back in a big way with this high-tech phone. Pattered after classic rotary phones, your model has push button convenience, an 11-foot cord and even a coin bank!

What a fun way to reach out and touch someone!

This classical designed phone will take you way back into time when phone numbers were only 4 digits long.
This rotary dial and twin bell ringer will work with any modern telephone socket. It is fully compatible with most cable networks that support pulse dialing. Very cool phone to have if you're into retro 

50s telephone - Pink Retro Old Fashioned Rotary Dial Telephone

Electricity entered the kitchens of millions, and nowhere in the home was modern technology and modern design more evident. Bold color, clean lines and stainless steel were keynotes of the decade, and it is no surprise that 1950s kitchen style is now the height of fashion once again, with names like Cath Kidston picking up on the best of '50s kitchen kitsch, and manufacturers like Dualit, Kitchen Aid and Aga doing healthy business with retro appliances.

Gloss Self Adhesive Vinyl Kitchen Cupboard Door Cover Drawer Wardrobe Contact Paper

The diner - more than just a place to grab a bite, the diner is an expression of the free-flowing American spirit, as generous as a bottomless cup of coffee and a flashing neon sign beckoning the traveler or passer-by with the immortal words "Eat Here Now."

Chrome counter stools and rollicking juke boxes.

Retro Record Clocks

few search terms to try:

Retro  -  Vintage - Nostalgic - Fifties - 50S - 

Hot Rod - Classic Car

This retro wall clock features a vintage 45 record with Malt Shop Tunes in yellow and blue.

Chrome and neon were the new currency in this newly vital consumer culture, and no post-war consumer products trafficked more heavily in this currency than diners, bowling alleys, and trailer parks.

Coca Cola Kitchen 

50s diner theme - more pictures here

Black and white says "fifties"!

Bring the look of an old fashioned diner into your home

50's Garage 

The drive-in was once a classic expression of car culture and remains a fixture in the memory of the first baby boomers.

variety of 50s wall murals at Retro And Vintage Murals murals your way

Variety of retro wall murals, vintage murals such as retro diner scenes or old vintage car murals in Retro and vintage wall murals section.

The Soda Bottle Bar Stool is sure to draw praise. What a delight to sit on such a fun piece of furniture.


Vintage Style kitchen decor 50s diner kitchen accessories decorating retro diner style kitchen

A sleek addition to any retro or modern kitchen's counter top, this generously-sized bread box is ventilated to keep bread fresh and features a secure magnetic closure. A wonderful retro gift Store dry goods in style with these Vintage Kitchen Canisters that bring old fashioned style to your counter top! Vintage Style Kitchen Scale helps make your kitchen look just like grandma's! A handy way to weigh foodstuffs for recipes or diets, this retro scale looks great displayed on a counter top.

retro kitchen decor 50s diner kitchen decorations diner theme kitchen decorating ideas

Vintage Kitchen Canisters brings old fashioned style to our counter top!

Milk Carton Shaped Creamer White Porcelain Pay homage to your school cafeteria lunch days with this totally retro Porcelain Milk Carton Creamer. This statement kitchen item was designed to look like a cardboard milk carton, and is wonderful for daily use at your breakfast table or when you're serving coffee and dessert.

Hello, Happy Days!

50s celebrity stand ups at cardboard cutouts at all posters

Stand ups are life size cut-outs designed to decorate any room or party. Each stand up can be mounted to a wall or door, or can stand by itself.

50's Coca Cola Diner 

This is an exact replica of the famous Westinghouse Junior Coke Machine that was so popular in the "Mom and Pop" stores of the 1930s and 40s. This self-serve cooler will be quite a conversation piece at your home or office!  It enjoys an all-metal construction with embossing on all sides and under the lid, like the original. Don't miss the bottle opener detail on the outside, either. This original machine was made entirely for Coca-Cola, and no other brands were used. One of the attractions of this machine is its beautiful embossing. The cooler has the Coca-Cola logo on all four sides as well as under the lid so it could be read when the top was opened. Additionally, it has "ICE COLD" embossed on the front and back. You open the lid and you have a deep box to place cans, bottles or anything else you want to keep cool. This machine will hold 80 cans of soda. If you have the refrigeration model you even have more room for something else on top.

This cool Coke ® bottle mini fridge adds a touch of iconic Coca-Cola ® style to your home or office. A unique addition to any room and great for small spaces, this personal thermoelectric refrigerator holds up to fifteen twelve-ounce Coke ® cans and keeps them at 32 degrees below ambient temperature. A great gift for any Coke ® fan! 

coca-cola decor - coke decor

1950's Payphone with Push Button Technology

The very familiar 3-slot style payphone was first introduced in the 1950's and remained virtually unchanged until 1965. This appropriately christened prepay-style pay station will take you back to the days of old fashioned phone booths and 10-cent phone calls. Believe it or not, its predecessor was a post pay-style phone that actually allowed the caller to place their call and then pay once finished. While you don't have to pay for your calls with this Crosley replica, you will enjoy the functional coin slots complete with Crosley jingle as your money is deposited into the coin bank in the base of the unit.

Coca-Cola® Round Neon Sign

modern retro kitchen diner  

Vintage Style Steel Kitchen Scale Blue at Retro Planet Kitchen Decor

Vintage Style Steel Kitchen Scale Blue Retro Planet Kitchen Decor

This Vintage Style Kitchen Scale helps make your kitchen look just like grandma's! A handy way to weigh foodstuffs for recipes or diets, this retro scale looks great displayed on a countertop. Sturdy steel construction and blue-enameled body support a pear-shaped, stainless steel bowl that's easy to pour from. A wonderful way to spruce up any your kitchen decor.

This Pop Art cruiser is an invitation to park yourself in '56 retro style in the back seat this near-full-size, Candy-Apple-Red-n-White sofa that celebrates the art of car design! From her rounded rear fins to her heavyweight, faux leather cushioned upholstery, she’s a timeless, not-to-be-missed style statement for any room. No matter who is seated side-by-side, the brake lights actually shine—so she’s always ready to peel rubber!

57 Chevy Bel Air Wall Mount

hand crafted and hand painted

Rock N Roll Singer Statue - Elvis

Twist and shout with a Fifties theme

Rock N Roll Singer in Gold - Elvis

variety of 50s wall murals at Retro And Vintage Murals murals your way

Cruise down Route 66 in your classic 1953 Studebaker. Stop at one of the diners along the way. There's got to be one somewhere called the Dixie Diner.


Create a room that will bring back those Happy Days

Jukebox Jam Duvet - search at cafepress bedding

 Fun throw pillows:
 Pink and Black Checker Pillow Retro 50's look  and replica of a 1950 poodle skirt, with the belt and everything! This product is truly unique and sure to be a conversation piece.
Pink And Black Checker Throw Pillows


Poodle Skirt Throw Pillows  search at cafepress throw pillows


Create a room that will bring back those Happy Days

Retro Record Clocks

few search terms to try:

Retro  -  Vintage - Nostalgic - Fifties - 50S - 

Hot Rod - Classic Car

POODLE DOG Statue Prop Display
L 22 X W 10 X H 23 APPROX 10LBS.

POODLE DOG Statue Prop Display

This beautiful retro wall clock features a 45 record featuring the fabulous 1950's in pink and blue.
visit shindigz party props for some fun 50s theme decorations 

Milkshake Standee at shindigz party props
Milkshake Standee looks so yummy with the pink soda glass and white ice cream top and cherry. Each free standing soda is 4 1/2 feet wide x 7 feet high printed cardboard. Decorate your next 50's party with a Milkshake Standee and it will create a fun and hip photo background. Or use it as a headboard in your 50s themed bedroom



Starburst 50s Style Vinyl Wall Decal Sheet at Retro Planet

Starburst 50s Style Vinyl Wall Decal Sheet

Add some retro style to the walls in your home or business with this set of Retro Starburst Wall Decals. Available in an assortment of gorgeous colors that pop in any room.

  In the 1950’s, television was becoming more and more a part of everyday life, more families had televisions in their homes and AM radio was also becoming more popular, along with the advent of 45 records, jukeboxes, and eventually albums. 

Retro vintage style TV set with chrome knobs and wooden case.

The vintage TV throw pillows make for a fun retro accessory for your bed or sitting room

Retro look wallpaper of the past updated for today's homes.

For any mid-century modern fan, Grid combines 1950s graphic print influences with a watercolor palette of soft gray, coral and buttermilk in a fun retro print that was inspired by the classic Briitish ‘caf tables tops of the era.

variety of  retro/vintage wallpaper available at Graham & Brown

Retro modern style decorating mid century theme

The tone for the 60s was already set by the end of the 50s. 

Easily transform any venue into a nifty fifties diner, drive-in, or other locale reminiscent of Happy Days

Shake, rattle, and roll with this Fifties Diner Kit!
 Grab your poodle skirts and get ready for a rockin' good time!

Fifties Diner Kit will help you turn any party venue into a 1950's diner

1950's Diner Prop
This 1950's Diner Prop is the must-have prop for your fifties themed party with the look of a diner and the sound of a fifties song! Free-standing 50's diner prop is made of cardboard and measures 12 feet high x 11 feet wide x 3 feet deep and includes Fifties Sound Chip.
Car Hop Standees
This Car Hop Standees is a black silhouette of a 1950's car hop, complete with roller skates and pony tail. Each cardboard Car Hop Cutout stands 6 feet high x 3 feet 6 inches wide. Easy assembly.
50's Drive-In Sign
1950's Drive-In Sign features a printed teal sign with lights and a 50's themed sound chip. Personalize the cardboard diner sign with your custom wording. The free-standing sign stands 10 feet high x 6 feet wide. Easy assembly.
Jukebox Standee
Jukebox Standee Rock around this colossal jukebox at your next fifties themed party! The cardboard jukebox is approximately 3 feet wide x 5 feet high. Free-standing. Easy assembly.
Giant Soda
Our Giant Soda prop is a fantastic addition to any 1950's themed soda shop. The cardboard giant soda shop prop measures 4 feet high x 3 feet 6 inches and includes red, pin, and white balloons. Assembly required.

Hopelessly Devoted Kit

This Hopelessly Devoted Kit will make you feel like you're lost in the 50s again.
Hopelessly Devoted Couple Pedestal
This 9 1/4 feet high x 4 feet wide x 2 1/2 feet deep 1950s couple sits on top of a black and white checkered base and includes our Fifties Sound Chip. Assembly required.
Hopelessly Devoted Cola Pedestal
This Cola Pedestal will bring back memories of hot summertime days. Our pedestal is made of cardboard and measures 9 1/4 feet high x 2 1/2 feet wide x 2 1/2 feet deep and includes our Fifties Sound Chip. Assembly required.
Hopelessly Devoted Guitar Pedestal
This Guitar Pedestal measures 9 1/4 feet high x 2 1/4 feet wide x 2 1/4 feet deep and is printed on cardboard and includes our Fifties Sound Chip. Assembly required.
1950s Diner Arch
The Diner Arch gives the illusion that you are walking right into a fifties style diner. This arch is made of cardboard and measures 9 feet high x 5 1/2 feet wide. Assembly required.
Giant Fifties Jukebox Standee
The free-standing jukebox standee is printed on cardboard to look like neon lights are lit up on the background. Each one-sided Jukebox Standee measures 9 feet 4 inches high x 4 feet 6 inches wide. Easy assembly.
Music Note Standees (set of 3)
Receive a set of 3 Music Note Standees which vary in size from 2 feet 10 inches high x 30 inches wide to 2 feet 10 inches high x 21 inches wide. Easy assembly.

1950s Diner
 Transform your room into a blast from the past with these 1950's inspired 50's Diner room accents. 
 Poodle Scarf
These 5" x 60" cotton blend scarves are perfect for dressing up any 50's themed outfit.

50's Milkshake Standee
This tasty 7 foot h x 4 1/2 foot w cardboard milkshake makes a great photo setting at your 1950's bash! Assembly required.
Not intended for outdoor use.
1950's Diner Arch
5.5' wide x 9' high printed cardboard, includes silver curtains and plastic records, easy assembly.
Not intended for outdoor use. Adult Poodle Skirt
This heavy felt skirt features an elastic waist and an adorable poodle. Choose from either black or pink.
Giant Rockin'Records
Use these Giant Rocking Records to create place settings, wall decorations, and more. Each set of three cardboard records includes one 31 inch diameter and two 22 inch diameter records. One side full-color print.

Dance around the clock during your fifties party or 50's theme sock hop! 

Plan a Rock and Roll party fit for the King! Elvis party supplies for your Elvis, 50's or Rock & Roll theme party. Get Elvis sunglasses for all of your guests, or get the perfect Elvis costume for an Elvis Halloween costume. No matter what your event, make sure to have the best rock and roll party favors and decorations!

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