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Little Mermaid Ariel Theme Bedroom - Mermaid decor - Disney The Little Mermaid decor - mermaid bedroom decor ariel themed - Disney Princess Ariel Furniture - Little mermaid princess Ariel Under the sea

Ariel bedroom decorating ideas

Make a splash with these Disney mermaid - The Little Mermaid themed bedroom decorating ideas - so you too can live under the sea

Go under the sea into a whole new world and celebrate the magic and enchantment of Disney's The Little Mermaid and create a Little Mermaid Bedroom with Ariel and her fishy friends

The charming story of  Disney's The Little Mermaid can now be brought right into your under water themed bedroom.

The Little Mermaid theme is a good choice for little girls and even big girls, who would love an "under the sea" theme in their rooms.

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Underwater bedrooms and Mermaid theme bedroom pictures blog

The boas actually do resemble seaweed

Fun decoration for the mermaid costumes and fun decoration for the mermaid theme bedrooms, place around the lamp, on the headboard, on the side table, dresser, and extra window dressing

Boa  is made of chiffon feathered ribbons. All of the ribbon is very securely sewn. It is fairly soft, and won't shred or shed like feather boas will.

The Little Mermaid Themed Bedding

Join Ariel and Sebastian as they swim through the sea.

Underwater Ruins wall mural at magic murals

jellyfish lighting and jellyfish decor - visit the under the sea mermaid theme decorating blog
treasure chests - visit the pirate theme bedrooms decorating and decor

Just what every mermaid needs to complete her under-the-sea look

Decorative canopy - venture into the magical and mysterious depths of the sea just by dreaming beneath this canopy. The marine green top resembles the bell of a jellyfish with layers of deep-sea-blue netting flowing from it. Inside are tentacle-like iridescent beads, blue ribbon tendrils, and sinuous translucent streamers entwined with small, sparkling sapphire LED lights (160, to be exact). Hang from a ceiling indoors or a tree limb outdoors.

Bring your walls to life with The Little Mermaid Under The Sea Journey
Create an awesome Little Mermaid light and sound experience on your wall like you've never seen. First, decorate and create your underwater scene using the included wall decals. Just peel ‘n stick them on the wall and enjoy images featuring Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, and fun bubbles. Then, hang the special Wallscape FX Activator on your wall, push the button and activate the amazing lights and sounds. See water wave light effects come to life on your wall, just like being underwater, as they gently fade in and out illuminating your wall. Hear real undersea sound effects and excerpts from the popular song “Under The Sea” as they synchronize with the light to bring the scene to life. It’s the perfect gift for Disney Princess fans of all ages who want to bring the magic of the Little Mermaid to life in their room.

variety of underwater wall murals at murals your way

ariel wall decal underwater wall mural ruffled bedding

Does your room need a little Disney magic?  Look no further! 
This giant wall mural of Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid is great for fans of any age.

creative Walls:
Wallpaper Murals  -  paint  -  stencils  -  life size wall stickups - decals 
Sea shells  -  whales  -  fish  - dolphins  -  sharks  - seaweed   -  crabs -  mermaids  -   mermen
King Neptune 
-  Little Mermaid Ariel  -  castle  -  waves  -  seagulls  - 
clouds  -  sun - rainbow  -  bubbles

create an Ocean floor:

treasure chest  -  castle grotto theme bed  -  glow in the dark paint effects jewels - Fairy lights 
Door beads  - Bed Canopy  -  fish tank  -  silk plants  - plush sea animals  

create 3d effects on walls or decorate furniture with:  

pearls  -  diamontes  -  glitter   -  craft  glass marbles

When the daring mermaid princess, Ariel, rescues the human Prince Eric from drowning, she falls in love with him. The little mermaid trades her voice to the scheming sea witch, Ursula, for the chance to become human. Unless Eric falls in love with Ariel in three days, she will become Ursula's captive forever!

A precious pearl of the sea!

Sebastian and Flounder

jelly fish hanging lamps - variety - here

Angelita Room - more photos here

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Mermaid Theme Bedroom decorating ideas and mermaid theme decor

Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid is great for fans of any age.

undersea mermaid 3D wall sticker   - search at  aliexpress

undersea mermaid 3D wall sticker - mermaid wall mural - ariel wall murals

Ariel is a curious young mermaid. She likes to explore sunken ships, swim up to the surface, and learn all she can about the world above the sea.

Bring all the charm of Ariel home and into a little girl's room with this giant wall decal. Also, Comes with 21 peel & stick gems perfect for adding accents to Ariel's dress, jewelry, hair, and more.

Princess Bedroom decor
   visit Disney Princess Theme Bedroom decorating ideas and decor

For a look that will complete any Little Mermaid  fan's bedroom, decorate with all out under-the-sea style, and accent with shimmer and gleam, to create a magical atmosphere for her bedroom.

Disney Ariel Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decals
Add some sparkle and glamour to your walls with this Princess Ariel giant wall decal. Removable and repositionable, this colorful and fun peel and stick wall decal is great for fans of all ages.

Create a regal space for the mermaid princess - Seaside chic is only a few stencils away!

Scallop Shell Pattern Wall Stencil

wiggle your way through the crowd looking Ocean Glam! 
girls Mermaid Costumes - women Mermaid Costumes  - variety of styles
An ocean of fun awaits little girls everywhere with Mermaid of the Sea Costumes

Your night is guaranteed to go swimmingly

Siren of the Sea Mermaid Costumes, you can't be held responsible for all the sailors you inadvertently lure.
Sequined  and shimmering fishtail skirts with glitter tulle ruffles and sparkling faux shell accents entwined with  pearl details, you'll be a fantasy femme fatale that any man would be enchanted by!

Little Mermaid bathroom mermaid theme ocean theme underwater theme decorating

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The Book of Mermaids
If you have ever wondered what Mermaid life was really like, you can now journey under the sea into the everyday life of these enchanting creatures with this lavishly illustrated guide to Mermaid art, culture, fashion and magic. An alluring twist on beloved folklore tells where they swim, how they play, what's hot and what's not in the captivating world of mermaid culture are just a few of the topics skillfully explored in "The Book of Mermaids." It's the perfect choice for every true believer and mermaid lover. For the child exploring the pleasures of magical worlds and the adult who never forgot, this book is a visual delight.  Includes activity pages, inviting children to do their own creating!

Mermaids: Sirens of the Sea
Dive into a magical deep-sea world with this contemporary coloring collection. You'll meet mermaids in an array of activities in and out of the water -  swimming with dolphins and turtles, riding a seahorse, watching a sunset, finding a sunken ship, spotting buried treasure, scared by a shark, and more. Thirty enchanting illustrations that capture the fantasy and beauty of these water nymphs will spark the imaginations of a host of eager colorists.

Mermaid Tales from Around the World
Contrary to what some moviegoers may think, Disney didn't invent mermaids. The aquatic females have figured in myths and folktales of long ago. Although most of the mermaids in this book are depicted as being
beautiful they can be very scarey as well. These mermaids are very different than the one portrayed in the Disney film. If you are a mermaid fan you will enjoy this book. This work as a whole will enlarge your  understanding of water maiden creatures, but don't expect to find any rivetting storytelling. The value of this book lies in its cultural scope. How intriguing to note that water maidens play a significant role in the folk lore
of such diverse cultures! And how interesting to see how these creatures vary from country to country.

Mermaids: Nymphs of the Sea
Mermaids embody all that is beautiful, wondrous and cruel about the sea, and in doing so have inspired adoration, fear and curiosity since antiquity. As symbols of fertility, they are present in mythology worldwide, from the creation myths of Tibet, China, Korea and India in the East to the classical myth of the birth of Venus in the West. They have long been the subject of popular sea ballads and chanties, and have inspired works of music, literature and art by many a brilliant soul, including Franz Joseph Haydn, Oscar Wilde, T.S. Eliot and Paul Gaugin. A subject of feminist history and women's studies, mermaids have been represented in popular culture in many forms: advertising, music videos and successful Hollywood films. This lavish gift book, with many special features, including vellum pages, metallic ink with a range of stunning artwork and excerpts from literature enhance every alluring page, while a comprehensive sources section enables readers to locate mermaid art and decorative accessories.

The Mermaid's Manual
Most little girls love to play dress-up - this delightful and very pink book will train you in the ways of being a mermaid. From the first swimming lessons all the way through to classes in hair decoration, jewellery making and shell identification, this is the essential manual for all would-be mermaids. 7 to 9 girls will never be the same! There are dozens of fun extras: a sparkling tail, rings and hair ribbons, lashings of pink glitter, shell bracelet, coral combs, and jewels. Since land born children must learn to be mermaids there are also stickers, a mermaid student card, and a magazine.

Magickal Mermaids And Water Creatures: Invoke The Magick Of The Waters
Stories of the Mer-Folk, especially Mermaids, exist in nearly every culture around the world. Human-like, except for their iridescent, scaly tails, Mermaids and Mermen have fascinated humans for thousands of years. Because the largest of these beings exist in the oceans, most people are not aware that smaller versions of the Mer-Folk live in inland rivers, streams, marshes, and large or small waterfalls. Like many other magickal beings, the Mermaids travel easily between this world and the astral planes, appearing only to those who truly seek to know them and learn their ancient powers.


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fairy forest theme bedrooms - woodland forest theme bedroom fairies decor - fairy room decor - woodland nursery decor - woodland animal decorations - fairy woodland bedrooms - deer wall mural - snow white themed bedroom decorating ideas

Create a magical fairytale hideaway and bring fantasies of the forest, right to your bedroom and create your very own enchanted woodland themed bedroom.

There are quite a few different decorating options for the woodland theme.


Fairy forest or Snow White theme for your little girl, preteen or even big teen girl.

Decorate the enchanting woodland fairy theme cottage style room with whimsical furnishings, forest animals, rustic furniture, trees and flowers with fluttering fairies and other mythical creatures.

Start your fairytale adventure with this floor to ceiling flowery Enchanted Tree Door wall graphic. Transport yourself to any magical land where all your dreams can come true with this large wall decal! This beautifully illustrated wall art is perfect for a nursery, playroom, classroom or library.

Enchanted Tree Door Wall Decal  fairy forest woodland animals decorating

Magical Forest mural at magic murals

Enchanted Summer Night Queen Duvet Cover

Fairy Tale Princess Canopy forest wall mural mushroom furniture

Magic Fairy Dress Pattern 4-Piece Duvet Cover Sets

Circo® Wild Fox Decorative Pillow

Mushroom Playhouse visit - Kids Play Tents at land of nod

Mushroom Playhouse-fairytale forest theme bedroom decorating ideas


Perhaps a fairytale castle theme bed in the enchanted forest.

For the baby nursery woodland add a happy hoppy frog pond amidst the forest trees. 

For the boys woodland theme mix a little from the outdoor theme bedrooms and the hunting lodge Northwoods theme bedrooms to create your own unique woodland forest themed bedroom, filled with animals of the wild, rustic decor and novelty accessories.

For the adults,  a crispy white wintry forest themed bedroom.

Cozy Posy HugglePod® HangOut 1

Kids who love hanging out with nature will feel right at home in our Cozy Posy HugglePod Hang Out! Indoors or out, this comfy, cozy personal space features three windows and a fabric door, and is wreathed with LED flower lights around the top. Exchange messages or leave treats in the outside pocket 

Woodland Wonderland HugglePod® HangOut

Hill wall mural at magic murals

Mushroom Chairs for Kids Room Fantasy Hill wall mural

This pink polka dot mushroom chairs are made for both style and comfort. It has padded soft cursion for her to sit on for activities. The beautiful pink and polka dot pattern also serves as a great room décor item, it can be easily fitted into any girls room!

Fairyland Forest wall mural at Magic Murals

Woodland Sleeping Bag

Woodland Sleeping Bags search at Magic Cabin
Woodland Sleeping Bags make it easy for kids to invite a woodland friend to join in adventures had at sleepovers and living room camp outs! The perfect all-in-one sleeping bag is made of soft, cozy cotton and lets little sleepers snuggle up with their favorite forest friend on the built-in pillow and nestle into the warm sleeping bag stitched with fun and playful woodland details.

Pink Heart Window Wall Decals
fun Snow White bedroom wall decoration idea

Pink Heart Window Wall Decals  snow white bedroom wall decoration ideas

Recreate the classic children's story of

 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
 - a great timeless fairy tale for little girls bedrooms -

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs figurine "Homeward Bound"

Trooping across a fallen log that serves as a natural bridge from one side of a ravine to another, the Seven Dwarfs take their “Heigh-Ho” hike home from a hard day’s work at their diamond mine. Led by affably absent-minded Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey - bringing up the rear and endearingly out of step, as usual - are the diminutive heroes of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This intricately sculpted figure features a new but utterly authentic interpretation of these cherished Disney characters, lovingly crafted by acclaimed folk artist Jim Shore. The timeless designs and vibrant personalities of the most delightfully devoted protectors a princess ever had are vividly portrayed, incorporating Jim Shore’s traditional imagery and signature color palette. This elaborate, hand painted sculpt presents all seven of the loveable little men, each with a unique design embellishing their classic costumes, incorporating quilt-inspired patterns, country-style ornamentations and rosemaling motifs. Looking as if it was chiseled from wood—a quality especially apparent with the woodland log -  the hand-hewn appearance is a perfect fit with the Dwarfs, who themselves happen to be expert woodcarvers. The antiquated appeal is perfect for the charming figures from this animated fairy tale.

Disney Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Wallpaper Mural

Fantasy and Mythology Murals variety at murals your way

Fairy Murals Fantasy murals Mythology Murals - woodland forest theme bedroom fairies decor - fairy room decor -  woodland nursery decor - woodland animal decorations

Snow White Cottage Bunk Bed at ababy 
Cottage Bunk Bed was designed in a fairytale and made for your little one! Featuring gable roofs, chimney bookcases and gridded doors over storage spaces. The cozy and comfortable loft is accessed by the included ladder. Available in your choice of a Twin over Twin or Twin over Full. 

Bowknot Bed Skirt - Pink Lace Ruffled  Princess Bedding Sets

 Perfect cottage style theme bed for the Snow White themed bedroom

snow white wall mural cottage bed snow white theme bedroom decorating ideas

Fairest of Them All Hand Mirror Wall Sculpture snow white bedroom decorations

"Who's the fairest of them all?" is bound to get the right answer in this delightful sculpture reflecting your sparkling taste! As fit for a princess as for a gallery wall, this gaggle of metal-framed glass mirrors with antique bronze finish stretches almost a yard square

this crystal chandelier adds floral-inspired drama to your home. The bronze-finished vines feature delicate crystals that catch and softly reflect the light. 

Sphere Chandelier

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho it's off to work we go!

Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Bookends Collection

The story of Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs bring magical joy. Now, the story of Disney's first princess character inspires the charming bookends of this Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Bookends Collection. The magic begins with Issue One, Heigh-Ho. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, Some Day My Prince Will Come, and soon your collection will be complete with Issue Three, Whistle While You Work, each issue to arrive separately.‡ Each masterfully sculpted Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs bookend in this collection is handcrafted in artist's resin and hand-painted in amazing detail, coming together to recreate the Dwarfs' journey home from the mine in the film. In a unique touch that's sure to thrill anyone who appreciates fine Disney collectibles, this bookends collection features a centerpiece starring Snow White, adding artistic value and greater stability on the shelf. The intricately "carved" bases are reminiscent of the Dwarfs' cottage, which appears in an animation cel artwork vignette on the centerpiece bookend, just beneath Snow White and Dopey. This fully functional bookends collection is substantial and weighted, and is sure to add three-dimensional drama to any bookshelf, mantel or Disney collection. Strong demand is expected.                Fine collectibles, not intended for children.

Disney snow white princess square print plush pillow snow white decor

Disney Princess Snow White  Happily Ever After wallpaper mural

Bring a magical Disney scene to your child's wall with our snow White "happily ever after" XL wallpaper mural. Featuring snow White, the prince and the seven dwarfs

Dwarves Land  Curtains snow white bedroom decorations

snow white theme bedroom decorating ideas snow white theme bedrooms snow white bedroom decor

You'll dig, dig, dig  these Seven Dwarfs Plush Toys

Seven Dwarfs Happy Plush Toys

SEVEN 7 DWARVES Snow White Disney Decal WALL STICKER Home Decor

Snow White Duvet cover Sheets Pillow case

Snow White wallpaper mural

Magical Forest wall murals at magic murals

Polton Castle Bunk Bed-castle theme beds  woodland forest castle theme bedrooms woodland animals fairy forest

Polton Castle Bunk Bed    childrens furniture - theme beds at ababy

forest fairy bedroom woodland themed decorating ideas

Mushroom Nature Butterflies Fairytale Magical Rocks Design

April Porcelain Fairy Doll

adds a bit more whimsy to the fairy bedroom


Fairy Tree of Life Enchanted Forest Mystical Lights Digital Printed Tapestry Wall Hanging Wall Tapestry

Spring Time  Tree  wall - Reusable Wall Decoration

Woodland Fairies  Fairies and Owl tree forest animals Wall Decorations

Woodland Fairies  Fairies and Owl  wall - Reusable Wall Decoration

Whimsical Fairy Garden Tree Stump Stool

Our enchanting stool is fashioned to resemble a tree stump, and it's perfectly sized for full-grown people to sit on or use as a side table. Weather-resistant resin stump is crafted in amazing detail with lifelike bark and rings, but the magic is in the details: A tiny door greets little visitors with a sign declaring "Fairies Welcome", and little windows adorn the front. Perfectly charming in a miniature garden or flower bed, or bring it indoors wherever you want a whimsical touch.

Beautifully accented in natural ornamentation, the Uttermost Paza Arch mirror reflects the beauty of nature while reflecting its surrounding environment. Two birds stand on branches and peer into the antique gold leaf mirror to enjoy the view. A distressed patina exudes an old world charm that will surely beautify any surrounding.

Magical Forest wall mural at magic murals
Fairytale forest full of magic and charm.

Each Corsican bed is made by hand, painted by hand and powder coated. This bed is heirloom quality which means it is passed down through the family rather than left out at the curb on garbage day.

Magical Tree House In A Forest Fantasy Fairytale Wall Mural

Woodland Corridor Print Blackout 3D Curtain

woodland themed fairy forest bedroom ideas

fairy forest woodland themed bedroom ideas

Paint the floor and the walls to create an enchanted forest theme in your bedroom

woodland forest theme bedroom decorating ideas

forest animals theme bedroom ideas

Tree Tops Furniture

Tree Tops Furniture

Who needs a tree house when this delightfully detailed log-look furniture makes you feel like you're seated atop a magnificent old oak? A bevy of fun woodland animal friends welcomes you! Made of weather-resistant polycarbonate, this fun furniture makes any gathering cozy as a nest (indoors or out). For ages 3 and up.

Tree Shape Design Multi-purpose One Set Throw Pillows

Now you can sleep like a log when you relax your head and neck on this log shaped pillow. Bolster pillow features realistic three dimensional print.

Logs Shape Pillows - Birch log pillow - Platanus log pillows


frog theme bedrooms decorating blog

woodland Forest Watercolor Wall Decal Set - Nursery Wall Decal

Enchanted Summer Night Curtains

 Tree Decal With Doe, Deer  Butterflies deer bedding pink bedding girls woodland bedding

fairy nursery forest woodland themed bedroom ideas

Add a touch of extra whimsy to the fairy woodland themed bedroom.

Accent your fairytale bedroom with regal princess decor and magical wizard theme decor. Add more fun to the room with friendly woodland animals,  unicorns surrounded with woodland plants and flowers. 

And to really give your bedroom a unique touch, bring in knights in shining armor, friendly dragons ... Snow White ... the creative possibilities are endless.

Pam Grace Creations Charming Forest 6 Piece Crib Set, Brown/Tan/Orange

Take a whimsical trip to enchantment with our Charming Forest Six Piece Crib Set. Soft Orange and serene Green in triangles and tree line print surround your baby's new woodland friends.

Foxes Watercolor Wall Decal Set - Nursery Wall Decal

29 wall stencils for forest theme kids wall mural
  • Note! These are NOT stickers or decals! They are stencils for painting your own wall mural.

variety of color combinations to choose from

Faux Taxidermy Deer Head Faux Deer Head Wall Mount

Woodland Friends Bedding

Woodland Friends Cotton Quilt Set

Enchanted dreams of friendly beasts and adorable critters drift through little sleepers' minds when they snuggle between the Woodland Friends Sheet Set and Woodland Friends Quilt Set. Fashioned from 100% cotton flannel, the warmth and softness built into this set will ensure whimsical dreams filled with frolicking woodland creatures. Bears, deer, foxes, and more roam across the cream background of this triple-brushed, divinely soft feeling sheet. . The delightful design of our Quilt Set features a plethora of pals on a green background with red plaid backing.

29 wall stencils for forest theme kids wall mural
  • Note! These are NOT stickers or decals! They are stencils for painting your own wall mural.

Tree with Forest Friends Wall Decals Forest Friends Toddler Bedding

Forest Friends Toddler Bedding at target

Forest Friends 5 Piece Toddler Bedding Set will help you create an incredible room for your child. This bedding set features detailed appliqués and embroidery works of raccoons, owls, deer, foxes, and squirrels. This collection uses the stylish colors of green, orange, brown, yellow, and buff. The design combines cotton, micro suede, and corduroy fabrics that are machine washable for easy care. This wonderful set will fit all crib and toddler beds. Toddler Set Includes: Comforter, Pillow Sham, Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet & Pillow Case.

Squirrels and Pine Trees Vinyl Art Wall Decals Mural

Bored of painting walls? ....  using stencils and putting up wallpapers can make the task of painting easier ... or ..... decorate with fun wall decals and stickers.

Birch Trees Wall Decal Nursery Wall Decal Forest Trees Wall Decal Animals Owsl Squirrels Bambi Baby Room Art Decor

Woodland Tales 5 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set

Camp Kiddo Room Collection at target

Camp Kiddo Room Collection fun woodland theme bedrooms

Trees, Snow, Leafs, Birds and Deer can be arranged any way you want to create your own forest scene.

Birch Decal with Buck, Seven Birch Trees Decals, Buck Decal, Nursery Birch Trees,christmas Deer Tree Decal,wall Sticker,stickers,kids

Magical Reindeer and Tree Print 4-Piece Cotton Duvet Cover Sets

Deer Wall Decals Nature Brown Wall Decals Birch Tree Nursery Wall Stickers

Forest  Murals variety at murals your way

Tree Murals-wall murals trees-forest wall murals

Fantasy fairy forest hut wall mural wallpapers

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