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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Groovy Funky Retro Bedroom Pictures - 60s style theme decorating - 70s theme decorating - Funky Flower Power Bedrooms - 70's Theme Decor - 70s theme bedroom decorating - Psychedelic Tie Dye Hippie Hippy style flower power era

Though described in the 90s as the decade that style forgot, the 70s has since gained a renewed kudos and magnetism in the new millennium. 

Take a trip down memory lane......

Whether you’re groovin’ in the 60s or getting funky in the 70s
- flashback to your favorite era -
with lava lamps, disco lights, and retro decorations

 Also hearts , peace signs, music symbols and a colorful rainbow will help you get to that 1960's or 1970's groove in your funky space

Groovy baby, now you can bring the Sixties back to your bedroom with wonderful tie dye, peace sign and paisley


Hippie Heart wall decal -  at cafepress wall decals

Hippie Heart wall decal

This heart is made of happy hippie things like rainbows and flowers. For you, or all the happy hippies in your life.

Green Peace Sign Table Lamp with Rainbow Peace Shade

Green Peace Sign Table Lamp with Rainbow Peace Shade

the green table lamp has a plastic base shaped like a big peace sign, and the shade is also decorated with a lot of peace signs against a multi-color background

Arctic White Peace Sign Table Lamp with Rainbow Drum Shade

Arctic White Peace Sign Table Lamp with Rainbow Drum Shade

Ceramic Hands Sculpture

Ceramic Hands Sculptures

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Solid Wood Base

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp on Solid Wood Base

Flowers Design Soft Throw Pillows at bedding inn

Flowers Design Soft Throw Pillow

Peace Sign Tables

End Table, Night Stand, Decorative Purple

Beautiful End Table/Night Stand with 2 large Peace Sign cut out on 2 sides, in beautiful Purple color. Sure to add style, elegance and color to any girls bedroom

This to scale fully lined bag, complete with zipped and elasticated pockets will protect all your toiletries in the cutest retro style ever.

Hippy Duvets at cafe press bedding


Multi-colored Flower Print 4-Piece Cotton Duvet Cover Sets
at bedding inn

Multi-colored Flower Print 4-Piece Cotton Duvet Cover Sets

Acapulco Chair Multicolor

Acapulco Chair Multicolor

Based on time-honored Mayan hammock weaving technology the Acapulco Lounge chairs is an indoor/outdoor lounge chair that unifies tradition with innovation and harmonizes the function of ergonomic comfort with retro-modern aesthetic form. The Acapulco lounge chair is in every way cool. Its weave perfectly cradles the body within its clean lines without suffocating and offers a character of casual sophistication to every home or institution.

 Ultra funky hippie style bedroom

A little trippy - a little hippie - and a lot of color

Jimi Tribute wall mural at magic murals

Jerry Blank's electrifying wall mural pays tribute to one of the greatest guitarists of all time and singer-songwriter Jimi Hendrix. 

Trendsetting guitarist James Hendrix who was considered one of the most influential musicians of his time is especially remembered for his performances at the 1969 Woodstock Festival and Monterey Pop Festival. Blank's extraordinary mural is a pictorial depiction of the award-winning Rock & Roll musician and his musical journey over the few short years that he experienced mainstream exposure. 

The painting is sure to take fans on a trip down musical memory lane to Seattle born Hendrix's path-breaking albums, ‘You are Experienced’, ‘Axis:Bold as Love’ and beyond. Blank, in his effort to honor the brilliant musician behind ‘Hey Joe’ and other unforgettable pieces, infuses his own admiration and interpretation for Hendrix’s work by blending his distinctive collage treatment with graffiti style art in this one-of-a-kind wallpaper mural. 

Joplin Tribute wall mural at magic murals

This wall mural from Jerry Blank’s The Art of Music collection paints a visual tribute to singer, song-writer and composer Janis Joplin who left a lasting and powerful impact on the world of American music during the course of her short life. The famously rebellious singer from Port Arthur, Texas shot to fame in the 60’s as the lead singer of then popular psychedelic rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company. She later held her own with the bluesy backup group she formed, namely the Kozmic Blues Band and the the Canadian rock band she headed - Full Tilt Boogie Band. Through her relatively short musical journey, she left an undeniable stamp of originality on every album and track she was a part of. He refusal to conform differentiated her as a peerless singer and artist. She is remembered for her performances at the Monterey Pop Festival, the Woodstock festival and the Festival Express train tour. But, most of all, Janis Joplin is remembered for not being afraid to experiment and living her life and making music on her own terms. It is this spirit and colorful personality that Blank captures with the use of bold strokes, vibrant shades and a tiled background effect in his Janis Joplin wall mural.

Flower Power Guitars Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Flower Power Guitars Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Psychedelic Celestial Sun Moon Stars Tie Dye Tapestry, Hippie Hippy Wall Hanging

Psychedelic Celestial Sun Moon Stars Tie Dye Tapestry, Hippie Hippy Wall Hanging

decorative pin cork bulletin board

decorative pin cork bulletin board

Hippie Flower Child Vw-transporter Wall Art Sticker Decal

Hippie Flower Child Bohemian Beatnik Free Spirit Dropout Woodstock

Rainbow Tie-Dye Peace Sign Tapestry Wall Hanging - variety of styles

Rainbow Tie-Dye Peace Sign Tapestry Dorm Wall Hanging

In the Seventies disco was king! The sideburns of John Travolta made young girls hearts beating faster. Bell-bottom jeans were hot and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street was still allowed to eat Cookies. Are you ready for a trip down Memory Lane?

The design of the 1970s was distinguished by a strong confluence of creativity and functionalism in furnishing and decor. We already recognize many '70s furniture designs as icons of mid-century modernism-and the proof is the prices they command at fine furniture auctions today. Bony examines the works of international designers whose creations exemplify this period, from the ergonomically-focused designers working in America to the pure design movement in Scandinavia and design innovators in Italy led by Archizoom, Alchymia, and Gaetano Pesce. This indispensable reference book chronicles the period's interior design trends with over 200 photographs focusing on artistic and decorative innovations that created the first intelligent and informed design conversation between two continents.

70s bedroom design ideas girls bedrooms

Funky Flower Power Bedroom

Far-out fashions of the sensational sixties are  just too groovy to give up. Here's the most fab retro room a daisy dreamer could ever want to create. This book includes all DIY patterns and instructions  to create this super cool room. The Big Book of Teen Rooms Design a "Cool Room" with a little paint, a bit of glue, and some creative thinking. Fill your room with pizzaz, mix mod flower power pillows with a  patchwork coverlet and bed skirt. Funky frames with faux fur and more flowers.

Flower power Mural

Think Pink - retro - funky - cool cat - Pink Panther

Funky flower power - peace signs - tie dye and don't forget
  ....   ruff ruff ....   Scooby doooby doo

Honky Tonk disco queen

Honky Tonk style creation that was the 70's


Walls are vibrant and boldly trimmed with fluorescent pink feather boas. 

Curtains are sequinned in true disco style and tied back with furry dice. 

Heart shaped mirrors, hippy glass beads in jewel colours are draped around the bed. 

There is a disco ball and walls adorned with pictures of icons from that era. This is a room that knows no restraint kitschy, over the top and totally groovy.

Decorating in 70s style included large polka dot patterns, geometric and bright floral designs

Retro Wallpaper - 70s Circle Wallpaper yellow brown - Mural Square wallpaper wall mural

A staggering collection of 1970s fashion faux pas, from torso-clinging disco shirts to billowing bell bottoms. Mothers in hot pants, dads in leisure suits, children subjected to cruel knitting experiments… The 1970s brought us many things—some remembered fondly, others with a collective wince. But the true horror of the 70s lies in the many and various crimes against style. Whatever the cause, an almost universal lack of restraint, coupled with a dearth of taste, led to some of the most ghastly and regrettable styles in fashion history. Most people have, of course, set fire to any photographic evidence of their grimmest fashion errors, so the author has had to search far and wide to track down some of the crotch-mangling, buttock-hugging, polyester numbers you find here. So sit back and enjoy this homage to fashion's darkest hour.

Retro with Geometric design style

Dig out your old flares, tie flowers in your hair and relive the sounds of the time with beautiful retro wallpaper.

cool cats and chicks
Retro  with   Modern Contemporary Art Deco
for some creative style

Retro Hell: Life in the `70s and `80S, from Afros to Zotz

Valley Girls, Quaaludes, Howard Cosell, K-Tel Records. In today's pop-culture spin-cycle the 1970s and 1980s rule. "Retro Hell" provides a travelogue through the best and worst of these unforgettable decades. Orchestrated by the editor of the "Ben Is Dead" magazine, the book both sends up and celebrates the cultural landscape of our misspent youth. Thirty "Ben Is Dead" writers and hundreds of their readers helped assemble the nearly 1000 sharply opinionated alphabetical entries and sidebars. The icons, the eccentricities, the excesses, the kitsch - from alligator shirts, breakdancing, Earth Shoes and Farrah Fawcett to bumper stickers, eight-tracks, Schoolhouse Rock and John Travolta. Illustrated throughout with 100 black-and-white photographs and illustrations, the book offers a compendium of recent pop-culture arcana - a look back for everyone who survived the 70s and 80s.


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Saturday, October 12, 2013

fun and funky - cute and colorful - chic and trendy decorating ideas - unique decor - girls bedroom decor - colorful decor

Not for
the faint of heart or color-phobes

color your world chic and trendy decorating ideas - unique decor - girls bedroom decor - colorful decor

Baroque Wall Mirrors

The ornate Baroque style frame is beautifully carved for an opulent yet sleek look. These  piece shout your style out loud and clear. Fun, funky, and oh-so-modern

5-light Multi-colored 36-inch Acrylic Chandelier

Decorative Aynor Blue Round Side Table

Light your room with festive color with this multi-colored chandelier. Featuring durable translucent acrylic stems and hanging decorations, it also uses similarly bright fabric shades.

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colorful funky Exotic Ethnic Barcelona,Modern Duvet Cover

Colorful Bubbles Lamp Shade

Colorful Bubbles Lamp Shade

An eclectic and joyful gathering of warm and cool colored marbles in various sizes handmade from polyester resin. The marbles are attached to entwined brass and copper wire. This unique contemporary by design pendant light is jewelry for the home. The color scheme of red, orange yellow, purple, blue and green shades complement an atmosphere of joy, warmth and comfort in any bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

Colorful Crystal Glass Cupboard Wardrobe Cabinet Drawer Knob Door Pull Handles

Colorful Crystal Glass Cupboard Wardrobe Cabinet Drawer Knob Door Pull Handle

Gypsy Color 6 Arm LARGE MULTI COLOR CHANDELIER lighting NEW Rainbow Style Design Pendant Lamp

Howard Elliott 21183HP Talida Mirror, Hot Pink

classic yet chic Talida mirror is finished in a glossy hot pink lacquer.

Lush Decor Jaipur Ikat Quilt Set Fuchsia

Lush Decor   Jaipur Ikat Quilt Set Fuchsia

Crazy, unique, daring, one-of-a-kind. perfectly describes this Ikat quilt set. These quilts will be the eye catcher in any room, feeling oh so soft, bold colors and a complimentary reversible pattern all while adding the finishing touch to any bed

Floor Lamp 4 Light Crafted, Pink Plastic and Chrome

Floor Lamp 4 Light Crafted, Pink Plastic and Chrome

Lisa Argyropoulos New Galaxy Baroque Mirror

Lisa Argyropoulos New Galaxy Baroque Mirror

Three Cheers For Girls! 6 Light Crystal Chandeliers at wayfair lighting

Three Cheers For Girls! 6 Light Crystal Chandeliers

Fuzzy Furry Footstool 

Fuzzy Furry Footstool Floor Pillow cushion Seat Fabric Bean Bag Ottoman POUF

Add a pop of fantastic color and glorious texture to your room with this striking ottoman pouf. Its vivid orchid hue makes a bold statement, while its soft construction makes it a comfortable resting spot

Howard Elliott 56033 Veruca Rectangular Mirror, 28-Inch by 32-Inch, Glossy Purple Lacquer- available in a variety of colors

Veruca Rectangular Mirror

This fun and whimsical mirror is finished in a glossy purple lacquer. Perfect for a child's room.

Sheer Voile Curtain Panels - fun bright colors - variety

Sheer Voile Curtain Panels

Calypso sheer voile panel inspires style with bright, bold multi-faceted colors. This fun colorful sheer softly diffuses natural light while enhancing the beauty of your home d├ęcor.

Lush Decor Riley Window Curtains

Lush Decor Riley Window Curtain

Cascades of handmade bows flow from top to bottom of the soft brushed poly panel

Baroque picture frames

Baroque Frames-Baroque picture frames

Shout your style out loud. Fun, funky, and oh-so-modern

Boho clocks-bohemian style decor-bohemian theme bedroom decorations

Wall Scroll Locking Jewelry Armoire - Turquoise

No more jewelry all over the counter ... or lost. 
Organizational gold mine, and really cool to boot.

Chic and trendy girls bedrooms

fun and funky cute and colorful chic and trendy decorating ideas

6 Colors - Metal Kids/Teen Adjustable Curtain Rod - Multiple Sizes

Faux deer/stag taxidermy wall mount. 
Awesome piece of hanging wall art.

Mini Chandeliers

Fun and funky giraffe bedding

Add a bold pop of color and style to your bedroom. 

Great way to add a pop of color to any room in the house
also visit   Wall decorations blog

wall shelves

Origami Wall Shelf    at The Land of Nod bedroom furniture

Fraiche Maison Gypsy Bedding

Fun, funky and bright, the Fraiche Maison Gypsy bed set brings bold colors into the bedroom with a style that is oh, so cool. What could be better than colorful geometric ikat bedding that is super soft to the touch? Wake up your girls senses with bold, bright colors of orange, red, blue, lime green, and hints of white with a geometric ikat and chevron pattern. The reverse of the comforter is a solid hot pink.

cute and colorful  - chic and trendy decorating ideas - unique decor - girls bedroom decor - colorful decor

Rectangular piece with an ornate frame detailed with a feathery scrolling design. The glass is beveled, adding to its style and beauty. It is available in an Antique Museum Gold finish accented with white wash highlights, or in the following glossy lacquer finishes: White, Black, Red, Hot Pink, Orange, Green, Royal Purple, Royal Blue, Nickel, and Charcoal Gray.

Moroccan Leather Pouf

Fun with fucshia! Hand-stitched Moroccan leather poufs make a great ottoman / footstool. Little ones enjoy them as a seat that's just their size. Enjoy the versatility and color of this classic decor accessory in your home. 

Joy by J Queen bedding at bedding superstore

Joy by J Queen girls bedding

Bursts with blooms in bold shades.The abstract style of the Joy expresses a rich symphony of colors in shades of green, red, pink, blue, yellow and orange. The Joy bedding collection is completed by the pillow shams repeating the design of the comforter and the solid color bed skirt finished with contrasting color band in tailored style.

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

- Velvet, Suede, Satin, Faux Leather, Ribbons, Pintucks, sequins and beads - lots of styles to choose ......

INSPIRE Q Aldine 2-drawer Oval Wood Accent Tables at overstock furniture

INSPIRE Q Aldine 2-drawer Oval Wood Accent Table

beautifully crafted table has a curved apron, tapered legs and an edge-rubbed finish.

Nail head Velvet Ottomans overstock furniture

Reese Velvet Ottomans overstock furniture

Whether you call it an X-bench or cross-bench, the Palmer ottoman offers a designer look with all the trimmings. Its classic form complements any design style from contemporary to traditional, and its custom look comes from a sophisticated mix of plum polyester velvet and nickel nailhead trim. The fully upholstered Palmer is ideal in pairs at the foot of the bed or in the living room, or use it alone as seating in a master bath.

Tufted Chaise Lounge in Twill Sage overstock furniture

Tufted Chaise Lounge in Twill Sage

Revive any room with  timeless style with these chaise lounges. With a solid pine frame and hand-crafted diamond tufts, this loveseat chaise lounge enhances the sitting experience through the use of soft foam padding. The traditional single arm and swoop design make this the ideal spot for reading a book or relaxing in the afternoon. 

Add the sophistication of an ornate headboard
without the expense of buying furniture!

headboard wall decals

Storage  Bins and Baskets visit the land of nod

Storage  Bins and Baskets

These colorful metal locker baskets are the perfect rescue. They have roomy interiors and cutout side handles for easy transport. Choose from a variety of bright colors.


Add some shape and pops of color around the house

Die Cut Paper Fan

paint abstract art texture wall mural at murals your way

fun and funky - cute and colorful  - chic and trendy decorating ideas - unique decor

Girls, Girls, Girls  - whether in their tweens or in their 90's

Seventeen® Samantha Comforter Set   at jcpenny
cool boho mixture of brocade and velvets in hot, bright colors.

color your world-colorful teens bedrooms

Everyone loves adding pops of color

9 by Novogratz Bar bedding

Designer handmade pendant light. Made from resin flowers and leaves attached to intertwined brass wire.

Colorful leaves and flowers Chandelier Ceiling Light

Upholstered Panel Bed
Featuring a wingback design and button-tufted upholstery, this understated headboard lends a touch of glamour to your master suite or guest room.

Upholstered Panel Bed  Bedroom Furniture

Designer Handmade polyester resin flowers fitted to brass and copper wire branches. 

Colorful bouquet of roses  Chandelier

Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style

Are you keen to use colour to imprint your personality on the canvas of your home, but lack the confidence to do it? Whether you want to add temporary colour to a rented space or introduce a whole new colour scheme to a home of your own, like a helpful and encouraging friend, Will guides you through making the most of the cornerstone of your life – where you live.

Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile StyleHe starts by giving you jumping-off points, from playing with fabric and pattern to layering in lighting, showing you how to learn to trust your colour instincts. Next, from soft and delicate pastel hues to bright and bold colour statements, ten colour cocktails each take on a different palette, arming you with the know-how you need to replicate the look at home. Will shares the personal photographs and memories that inspired his palette and shows you how to translate your inspirations into real life decorating schemes.
He explores specific colour palettes for every room in your home to give you the confidence, knowledge and inspiration to get your colour choices right first time. Packed with personality and heart, playful but informative, engaging but practical, Bright Bazaar is brimming with ideas that work

Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a Colourful Home

Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a Colourful Home

Bringing colour and a sense of fun to daily living, whether by using colourful accessories in the kitchen or by introducing colourful fabrics, textures and hints of humour in to the living room.

Danish design is not all about cool and calm interiors.

 RICE Style is all about fun, colour and enjoyment.- warm and caring, fun and funky aesthetic can be applied in living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms and outdoor

Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a Colourful Home

'Everything you need to create a Happy Home' Essential Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms '

A beautiful demonstration of how fun and funky aesthetic design can be applied to all living spaces and outdoor areas with ease.'

Your Home 'It's full of bright ideas to bring colour, texture and humour into your home.'

Abstract Tree Large Photo Wallpaper Mural search at aliexpress wallpaper

Abstract Tree Large Photo Wallpaper Mural

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