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Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Fly away with Tinker Bell  and bring home the magic of the Disney Fairies. 

This is a magical bedroom theme for all those girls who secretly dream of finding their own fairytale world east of the moon and west of the sun.

Tink is sure to delight little girls who adore her charming, playful ways

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She lights up the night and adds sunshine to the day! Now, everyone's favorite Disney Fairies character is about to give your world a personal sparkle. 

variety of Tinkerbell wall art at all posters

3 dimensional sculpted wall decorations made from lightweight foam. This sculpture of Tinker Bell from Disney Fairies makes it look like she is going to fly off the wall and into your room to play with you. Add the magic of Disney Fairies to your kid's room

There's nothing more enchanting than the magic of Tinker Bell, especially for those who truly "Believe"!

Tink wallpaper mural tinkerbell mural tinkerbell bedroom wall decorations

Features Disney favorite Tinkerbell in a beautiful, watercolour design making it the perfect addition to a little girls' bedroom or playroom.

Colorful Crystal Glass Cupboard Wardrobe Cabinet Drawer Knob Door Pull Handles

Colorful Crystal Glass Cupboard Wardrobe Cabinet Drawer Knob Door Pull Handle

Aang this gauzy canopy to create an enchanting space to dream or play. The string of 19 bright LED lights at the top illuminates the room and adds a touch of sparkle. An easy, pretty, and inexpensive way to transform a four-poster into a canopy bed, it will fit over twin to queen size beds. Edged with ribbon along the top and entry, it's durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Stores easily. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Machine washable; line dry. Imported. Choose White, Pink, or Purple.

Find the fairies favorite flowers at Flower Meadow

Whether she's feeling playful, flirty or lucky, celebrate Disney's precious pixie

With a touch of her wand, Tinker Bell brings the wonder of imagination alive - especially for those who truly "believe"!

She's sassy, she's sweet and she's undeniably delightful. Tinker Bell's irresistible charm is enough to catch anyone's attention.

She floats. She flutters. She sprinkles a bit of fairy dust wherever she goes. With her sweet face and dazzling wings, she reminds us of the wonders of the imagination and the power of dreams...if we just believe!

Tinkerbell Room

The magical charm of a Disney favorite is delightfully captured in these Disney Tinker Bell inspired bedrooms

Be enchanted by the lovable moods, sweet face and magical wings of Disney's precious pixie and sprinkle sparkling fairy dust with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends

Fireflies in a Jar Night Lantern

Just a little bit of pixie dust makes your space extra-special

Tinkerbell Bedroom

Create a fantasy bedroom with Tinkerbell at Pixie Hollow

Fairyland bedroom pictures

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How about a little pixie dust. Tinker Bell loves to sprinkle her pixie dust on everything in site. It's her way of sharing her magical touch with all that crosses her path.

Tinkerbell Fairy Bright and Bold bedroom

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variety of Peter Pan Ornaments here

TINKERBELL Glitter Switch Plate & Outlet Covers

With a style all her own, the lovely Tinker Bell has been spreading never-ending possibilities that dreams do come true to those who believe in magic. Now, you can express your imagination with a Tinker Bell themed bedroom.

Tinkerbell Rooms

Disney Fairies baby bedroo

You believe in fairies, don't you?

Fairy Garden Nursery

fairy land bedroom

pixie hollow bedroom

Bring the magic of the Disney Fairies into your home

Tinkerbell bedroom

Tink's magical garden decorated with dew drops and blossoms a little girls magical world of Pixie Hollow




Let your child float off to sleep with the magic of Disney Fairies  

For the grown up teens and adults, create a more mature fairyland bedroom with a funky twist to the pixie Tinker bell inspired bedroom.

Create a mystical, magical fairy wonderland with a little fairy woodland mixed in

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Let the moon and stars also add a little sparkle to the fairy bedroom

Enjoy the shining beauty of the moon right at home with Uncle Milton's Moon in My Room. This realistic moon model hangs on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon.

And for a little whimsical fun for the floor area, get a little more creative and design yourself a fun floor rug with  flowers that never stop blooming!

  • Each Grass Mat measures 10" x 10"
  • Cute flowers attached to this cutest grass mat
  • Individual pieces can be snapped together to cover a larger area

Accent with a little extra shimmering sparkle with different sized decorative

What about adding a twinkling willow tree to the fairy forest for added ambience

Decorate windows with string lights and sheer curtains

Instead of doing a complete wall mural, go smaller and add an extra decorative touch to your fairy wall mural with an ornate frame - painted gold - or painted a darker color than the wall for that extra pop of color.

Enchanted forest wall mural from murals your way

The Serena 3-piece set includes a comforter and matching pillow shams featuring beautiful floral details that will bring a sophisticated look into your bedroom.

These decorative glass balls will add elegance and charm to your fairy room.

Peter Pan Never Land Kids Children Story wall decal stickers

Peter Pan Swinging on the Big Ben - Pendulum Wall Clock

Peter Pan Children Flying Silhouette Fantasy Fairytale Magic Tinkerbell Wall Decal for Nursery Baby Kids Bedding Art Mural

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 Childhood happy thoughts never end with this magical vintage tinker bell xl wallpaper mural. Great for kids as well as adult tinker bell fans, this giant wall mural captivates a blue-eyed tinker bell surrounded by blooming florals looking over Neverland. Designed using dark grey sketch-like art with a hint of color, add this wall mural to any smooth flat surface

Vintage Tinker Bell X-Large Chair Rail Prepasted Mural

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Her personality dazzles, her appeal is timeless - she's Tinker Bell!

Since 1953, Disney's Tinker Bell has brought a sprinkle of enchanting pixie dust and whimsical magic to our lives. 

Her childlike wonder and unfettered imagination remind us that the world is a truly magical place if we only believe our dreams can come true. 

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